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Chris Freter (24)

Echelon Cycling Team is a Racing Team Based in Columbus, OH

At Echelon Cycling Team our mission is to promote the sport of bike racing in Central Ohio and make it fun and accessible for everyone. But mostly we ride because we love it. We're not professionals here. Racing is just another way to have fun on our bikes. It keeps us active and motivated to get out and ride - especially on those cold winter days.

Our primary sponsor is Trek Store Columbus. They have three locations and we think they are the best bike shops in town. They give us great support and go the extra mile to make sure we are properly equipped for racing.

If you are considering getting into bike racing or want to learn more about the team, join us for a ride. Watch the calendar to the right to see when we are riding.
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What's happening @ Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team

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Tuesday • 3 days ago
Just rolling a long, enjoying a cool sunny ride to work. #TREKcolumbus  12 mile commute
Fun night ride home - Started feeling better, so for the fun of it I started putting a little more effort.  21 mile commute
Monday • 4 days ago
What was supposed to be a easy 3 hours tuned into a slugfest with the wind. Mother Nature blows!  41 mile workout
Sunday • 5 days ago
TREK Sunday Morning Ride. Good turn out on a rainy morning. The rain actually helped me feel better lighten the heavy feel of the humidity.  52 mile commute
Saturday • 6 days ago
Zwift - London - Hard to find motivation to ride inside on a rainy day. Rollers at least kept me interested while watching the TdF.  22 mile indoors
Friday, Jul 21 • 7 days ago seemed like a good idea at the time🚴. Slight calm before the⚡ storm.😨  2 mile workout
Keeping it close to home. Two for two, got back as it was starting to rain.  17 mile workout
Thursday, Jul 20 • 8 days ago
Easy spin before the storm rolls through, with a quick errand thrown in to boot.  23 mile workout
Tuesday, Jul 18 • 10 days ago
Hot&steamy on the way to work #TREKColumbus.Pealed half the Rocktape off during the ride,didn't like the way it changed to pressure points.  9 mile commute
Late night ride home after one last bike after hour fitting. # TREKPrecisionFit. P.S. No RockTape and the knee felt fine.  12 mile commute
Monday, Jul 17 • 11 days ago
Nice foggy commute to work on the Domane  10 mile commute
Night commute home on a very buggy night.  20 mile commute
Sunday, Jul 16 • 12 days ago
TREK Sunday Morning Ride - Nice group this morning, tested the knee a little and lead the B group this morning with Joel.  41 mile workout
Saturday, Jul 15 • 13 days ago
Well, the knee is about 80%. See how it feels on the way home.  12 mile commute
After a long, nice and busy day, the L. knee actually felt pretty good. Sounds like I will be able to do the Sunday Morning TREK Ride.  13 mile commute
Wednesday, Jul 12 • 16 days ago
L. knee is feeling better, but not enough to my liking......I got to have patience.  2 mile errand
Sunday, Jul 9 • 19 days ago
L. knee is feeling better, but not enough to my liking......I got to have patience.  5 mile errand
Saturday, Jul 8 • 20 days ago
Twist & shout around Dublin on the way to work. #TREKcolumbus  13 mile commute
Very tired and sore legs on the way home. Left knee is kind of bugging me too.. Hopefully I just need a good night's rest.  15 mile commute
Friday, Jul 7 • 21 days ago
Chased a little bit of blue most of the way to work. I do not know how I stayed dry.  10 mile commute
Thursday, Jul 6 • 22 days ago
A little patch of blue sky followed me around in a sea of rain clouds +a couple effort thrown for in & a phone call that made me very happy.  24 mile workout
Wednesday, Jul 5 • 23 days ago
Early to work for another bike fitting(s). Tired legs after yesterday's effort & the party later in the day didn't help my legs either.  8 mile commute
TREK to World Market for coffee beans and meet the Lady Ms. Deb.  11 mile errand
Tuesday, Jul 4 • 24 days ago
Kicking Asphalt July 4th Ride - Had a lot of fun, thanks for the invite!  58 mile workout
Monday, Jul 3 • 25 days ago
Early to work for back to back husband & wife bike fittings. #TREKPrecisionFit  8 mile commute
How long can I make a half mile home, DBr drop me off at GE, so I wound through the neighborhood......a lot.  9 mile commute
Sunday, Jul 2 • 26 days ago
TREK Sunday Morning Training Ride -  55 mile workout
Friday, Jun 30 • 28 days ago
You could smell the rain this morning, but Mother Nature was kind and kept a little patch of blue above me most of the way to work.  12 mile commute
Thursday, Jun 29 • 29 days ago
More fun to ride the bricks on the way to TREK, commute to work.  16 mile commute
Storm clouds to the North of me, blue skies to the South of me. Guess which way I went?!?!  21 mile commute