OVCX #1 Huber's Apple Cross (NEW!)

September 16, 2012

 Rider Team Place Field
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Women 1-2 
ALAN North American Cycling Team 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Masters 40+ 
  Chris Freter: 9th, Elite
Chris Freter
Oops, thought I regeristered for the Master's 45+ Cat 2/3 45 min. race.......but NOOOO, I mistakenly regeristered for the Master's Elite race which is twice as fast for an hour. I survived the 60 min. sprint with the Elite 1-2's.

Finished 55th over all, but 9th in Elite 45+. I accually beat 5 riders.
  Blair Fraley: 17th, Masters 40+
Blair Fraley
Cat2/3 masters 45+ Started 78th, finished 17th. Hot and fast race. Felt great.