Vandervort's Corner - OSRS #8 - FINALE

May 20, 2012

 Rider Team Place Field
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 5 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 5 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 4-5 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 3 
  Danny "Diesel" Alarcon: 1st, Cat 5
Danny "Diesel" Alarcon
Great race and effort for the race and final sprint... CAT 4/3 Here I come!
  Holden Caulfield: 8th, Cat 4-5
Holden Caulfield
Hot race. Rode around easy for 2 hrs and had a sprint. Not my kinda race but I'll take it.
  Mitch Tallan: Field, Cat 3
Mitch Tallan
I'm pretty sure "Vandervort" translates from Dutch as "Our biggest hills are highway overpasses". Either that or "Take your thumb out of my dike!" I really should bone up on my dykes. Errrrr, Dutch. That said, this was my best 'Vort ever. Does that mean I won? Nope. Placed? Nope. Top ten? nope. But I felt good. Some Ghisello rider who was talking big before the race started lagging and I made the mistake of being on his wheel when he let himself be gapped. Just as the group was surging hard. I bridged back up and that made me happy. Too bad we still had four laps to go but oddly enough I felt better each lap in the sweltering heat. This race felt more like a crit than road race as usual and I think I toasted my cork brake pads. Weirdest sprint for the finish I have seen in some time with riders sitting up left and right and much threading through one lane and then another to the line. It was fun, and that's all that counts since BD's Cat 3 races pay the same for 1st place and last.