2011 Ohio State Cyclocross Champs, Day 1

October 22, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 1-2-3 
RideNet Development Team 
Masters 40+ 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 3-4 
Backroom Coffee Roasters Cycling Team 
Cat 4 
Team Jeni's 
Single Speed 
ALAN North American Cycling Team 
Masters 40+ 
  Katie "Boom Boom Lights Out" Arnold: 1st, Cat 1-2-3
Katie "Boom Boom Lights Out" Arnold
Mud, mud, mud...
  Duncan "Braveheart" Russell: 3rd, Cat 3-4
Duncan "Braveheart" Russell
Not even in sight of Metzler. Joe Hall pulled away with about 2 laps to go. Fun morning out-lots of mud!
  Noah "The Ark" Hutson: 5th, Cat 4
Noah "The Ark" Hutson
I had a cold that kicked in hard in the first lap. My HR pegged and I felt like death the rest of the race. Ended up 5th in 30-34.
  Spencer Hackett: 10th, Single Speed
Spencer Hackett
BLAH. I didn't defend my title very well. I didn't tighten my quick release down too well and it slipped at the start. I fell to last place. I eventually got back to the top ten. I felt great. I need to stop making dumb mistakes.
  Chris Freter: 15th, Masters 40+
Chris Freter
Ruff-Muddy-Soft course for day one and my legs could have not been more dead or they seemed to be.....I actually had a good start after a long drag race down to turn one, through the the sweeping turn two before diving into the the tight twisty creek side section. As we descended in the left hander two of us tangled our bar and we were able to separate without either of us going down, but we both lost a spot or two in the process. The course which had been dry and fast last year felt sooooooo slow after all the rain from the past week. My ALAN continued to built with mud making it feel very slow and heavy as the laps added up. Finally with three laps to go I came into the for a bike change to lose 10lbs of mud with a fresh clean bike with a better mud tire on the rear wheel. I should have started the race with the Challenge Limus mud tire. The bike changed helped, but my back as soon done on the ruff, muddy course.

I'm hoping the course will continue to dry over night :p and my legs will come around. The race is finished and I did the best I could today. I will do better tomorrow!